At The Analytical Insight, our young team of professionals strive to fulfill our client research needs and to answer their research queries with both the obvious and the underlying trends. We stress upon the need of multiple iterations and discussions related to the research needs and scope with our clients to explore every piece of information, helping our clients to make informed decisions. We believe customization is the key to delivering research results which just don’t look good but are also actionable.

We try providing a one-stop shop experience to our clients. We undertake both quantitative and qualitative research projects which are carried out using primary and secondary research tools.
Quantitative Research
Data Collection: Our team has survey programming, hosting and data collection capabilities. We provide data collection management services for online surveys.
Data Processing: We provide data processing and tabulation services using MS Excel and SPSS. We can provide tables in Excel, Word, and PDF formats.
Data Analysis: We specialize in both univariate and multivariate analysis. We explore every facet of data and focus on coming up with key actionable insights to improve your processes. Our analytical capabilities are predominantly related to segmentation studies and we specialize in the following capabilities:
  • Tabulation and Cross-tabulation
  • Significance Testing
  • Factor Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Univariate and Multivariate Regression
Reporting Results: We are proficient in reporting in PowerPoint, Word/PDF, and Excel. We can prepare the entire report or take up one of the following depending on your needs:
  • Basic charting and reporting
  • Executive reports
  • Interpretation and commenting
Qualitative Research
We have successfully carried out various market and company research projects along with several data entry jobs. We use our research expertise to come out with detailed research work for our clients by exploring both paid and free research databases.